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Do you Feel Abused, Exploited or Unsafe?

The London Abused Women's Centre Can Help.

Do you Feel Abused, Exploited or Unsafe?

If you are afraid of your partner, pimp, john or sugar daddy, and regularly change your behaviour, opinions or choices due to fear of consequences or reprisals, you may be abused. It is never acceptable to live in fear and/or be trapped, exploited, trafficked or controlled by another person in any way. If you are experiencing any form of abuse by your partner, pimp, john or sugar daddy, you are not alone. The London Abused Women’s Centre is just a click or phone call away. We will work with you to create a customized safety plan that provides possible strategies that can help you be safer and prepared in advance for the possibility of any further violence or abuse.

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The Phoenix Program

Women and girls often feel shame and blame when they are abused and/or sexually assaulted. Society perpetuates the myth that it is the fault of women and girls when they are abused and assaulted; they should have or could have done something to prevent their own victimization. The only person responsible, the person who should feel shame and blame, is the perpetrator(s).

The London Abused Women’s Centre, in partnership with Salvation Army Correctional & Justice Services, and Youth Opportunities Unlimited, has created the Phoenix Program. The goal of the Phoenix Program is to provide women and girls who are sexually exploited, prostituted and/or sex-trafficked with the resources, safety plans and long-term counselling support they need to exit.

The London Abused Women’s Centre names the brutalities committed against women and girls as male violence against women. This places responsibility for the abuse where it belongs. When phrases like “abusive relationship,” “bad relationship,” or “relationship problems” are used, it falsely implies both parties in the relationship are responsible for the abuse. This feeds into the myth that victims have contributed to, or are responsible for, their own abuse.

The London Abused Women’s Centre’s Shine the Light on Woman Abuse public awareness and educational outreach campaign highlights the importance of naming the problem. In naming the problem, society will shift the shame and blame women may feel to the perpetrator(s) of their abuse. That’s where it belongs.

Why the Phoenix Program?

The Phoenix Program provides prostituted, trafficked and sexually exploited women and girls with real choices in their lives through long-term, woman-centred, trauma-informed counselling, advocacy and support. The Phoenix Program provides education to at-risk youth prevention and to families whose daughters are missing.

Sugar Baby Relationships

Canada’s prostitution law decriminalizes prostituted and sexually-exploited women and girls. Women and girls need to know they will not be arrested for selling their own sexual services. However, men must understand that sex purchasing is a criminal offence. If you have a sugar daddy or are trying to find a sugar daddy, and he is trying to coerce you into sex in exchange for money, his actions are illegal. Websites aimed at connecting young women with a sugar daddy are not the answer. If you feel that you are in any type of danger or find yourself trapped in a sugar baby relationship, the London Abused Women’s Centre is here to help you create a safety plan and build an exit strategy.

A Safety Plan

If you feel unsafe, abused or exploited, the London Abused Women’s Centre will stand with you and help develop a safety plan for you. The London Abused Women’s Centre will help you even in your most difficult times. You are not alone as you seek to be free from abuse and assault. Counselling, advocacy, support and safety planning will help you be safer. A safety plan involves mapping out actions to increase your overall safety and the safety of your children by preparing in advance for the possibility of further and/or escalated abuse and violence.

Each safety plan is specially designed for the individual and for actions that you can take. However, safety plans must be revised regularly as abusers often shift tactics they use suddenly and quickly. Know that you are not alone and there is help available to you when you need it.

The London Abused Women’s Centre provides hope and help. Reach out today.

If you feel abused, exploited or unsafe the London Abused Women’s Centre can provide safety planning and woman-centered, trauma-informed counselling, support and advocacy We can help. Contact us now!

If you’re in danger, we can help. Contact the London Abused Women’s Centre today.

The Phoenix Program – Resources

Sex Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation:
Keeping Youth Safe

Technical Paper: Bill C-36, Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act

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If you need emergency help, call 911.
For crisis calls, call the Assaulted Women’s Helpline: 1-866-863-0511