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London Abused Women's Centre

providing free counselling, advocacy and support to abused, prostituted, trafficked and harassed women and girls over the age of 12

Providing women and girls immediate access to services they need. Free counselling, advocacy and support for abused, prostituted, trafficked and harassed women and girls

The London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC) is a feminist agency providing abused and exploited women and children over the age of 12 with hope and help. We also provide support and counselling to family members of women and girls who have been prostituted/sex trafficked, including women and girls who are missing or disappeared.

Sex Trafficking in Ontario

Sex trafficking, a multi-billion dollar industry, continues to exploit women and girls across Canada. In Ontario, the 400 series highways are major routes for sex trafficking.

Statistics Canada reports 90 per cent of sex trafficking victims are females between the ages of 18 and 24 with some victims  as young as 13. Ninety-three per cent of sex trafficking victims are Canadian citizens.

Blackburn News is currently producing a three-part Podcast series on sex trafficking in southwestern Ontario called ‘Trafficking 401′. Here we share the first episode:

Listen to Episode 1

Canadians are five times more likely to support than to oppose Canada’s current prostitution legislation

This national poll researching prostitution will help ensure that the views of Canadians are represented in the evaluation; help inform the process; and help raise public awareness about Canada’s current legislation. 

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… the number of women and girls the London Abused Women’s Centre supported last year.

The staff which I've had the pleasure of dealing with all have given me confirmation that my needs are important and that they truly want to help. The counsellors validate my feelings and without any words are able to make me feel like they truly "have my back" which has helped foster a trusting intimate relationship which I need at this very challenging time in my life.