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About Us

The London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC) is a feminist agency providing abused and exploited women and children over the age of 12 with hope and help. This includes women and girls exploited in prostitution/sex trafficking/pornography; abused by their intimate partners; and/or subjected to sexual harassment or torture. LAWC also provides support and counselling to family members of women and girls who have been prostituted/sex trafficked, including women and girls who are missing or disappeared.

Women and girls are provided with long-term, woman-centred, trauma-informed counselling, advocacy and support in a safe, non-crisis, non-residential setting. There is no charge to attend. LAWC will assist with transportation and child minding needs as required.

This site is intended to provide you with information about LAWC’s services as well as educational information and resources about woman abuse, prostitution/sex trafficking, and sexual harassment. All resource materials are either written by or approved by LAWC.

Women and girls are provided with immediate access to service. Appointments can be made by contacting LAWC to schedule a confidential appointment. An interpreter will be made available through Across Languages if requested.

All women and girls will be provided with a safety plan.

If you need emergency help, call 911.

For crisis counselling: call the Assaulted Women’s Helpline toll free at 1-866-863-0511 or on your mobile device at #SAFE (#7233)

Our Mission


To eradicate patriarchy on local and global levels freeing women and girls from oppression.

Mission Statement

To take systemic action to end the oppression of women while providing women and girls subjected to male violence with counselling, advocacy and support.

Areas of Expertise

Specially-developed programs are provided to women and girls over the age of 12 experiencing abuse, assault, sexual assault, sexual harassment and/or torture by an intimate partner, sex purchaser, trafficker, pimp or in the workplace.

Support programs are provided to family members of trafficked girls and women.


The London Abused Women’s Centre believes:

  • Male violence against women and girls is a direct result of patriarchy
  • All women and girls are potential victims of male violence and abuse for no other reason than their gender
  • The majority of men are not abusers but the majority of abusers are men
  • Relationships are not abusive; abusers are abusive
  • Indigenous women and girls are disproportionately impacted by systemic oppression and male violence
  • All women and girls, including the LGBT2Q communities, have a right to immediate access to service
  • Ending male violence against women and girls requires personal, social and political change. Ever action taken at LAWC must have a positive impact on women and girls locally, nationally, and globally
  • Services must be inclusive to women and girls of all races, ages, abilities, income, languages, cultures, faith-based beliefs, immigration status, gender identity and sexual orientation

Trafficking, Prostitution and Exploitation Beliefs and Principles

The London Abused Women’s Centre is an abolitionist agency that believes:

  • Most women enslaved in the commercial sex trade (pornography, prostitution, adult entertainment, body rub/massage parlours, “strip” clubs, escort services) are trafficked
  • The overwhelming majority of women do not choose to be sexually exploited into the commercial sex trade.
  • Pimps and sex purchasers (almost always men) do choose to rape, torture, sexually exploit and violate women and girls in the commercial sex trade;
  • Sexually exploited women and girls in the commercial sex trade are victims of torture, rape, assault, exploitation and/or other violations causing significant trauma
  • Appropriate and fully-funded resources must be allocated to provide women and girls exploited in the commercial sex trade with woman-centred, survivor and trauma-informed services that may include housing, income support, debt counselling, residential and outpatient rehabilitation services for substance use, long-term counselling, secondary and post-secondary educational opportunities, job training, family reintegration, and access to hidden identity support and relocation.


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