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Violence, drugs and sexual diseases:

July 24, 2018

How managed zones for prostitution are failing women worldwide

Published July 23, 2018 by The Telegraph –  by: Charles Hymas and Corinne Redfern

Most were married or in long term relationships and had children. “When I asked the [men] about it, they said: ‘I am paying for it, I can do what I want.’ That helped me form the view over time that this is not right. Men should not be able to exploit and abuse women in that way,” said Mr Caton.

The result, independently validated by the University of East Anglia, was that more than 80 women “made life changes to move on from prostitution”, kerb crawling and street prostitution was eliminated, 400 children were identified as being at risk of sexual exploitation and criminal justice costs were halved. Police and charities say the zero tolerance continues, with nearly all the women still out of prostitution.

The contrast with Holbeck’s hands-off policy could not be sharper.
Additional reporting by: Rory Hanna

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