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The Choices Program

Specialized supports and services for sexually-exploited, prostituted and/or sex-trafficked women and girls

The London Abused Women’s Centre provides women and girls who are sexually exploited, prostituted and/or sex-trafficked, along with their families, with:

  • Long-term, woman-centered support, trauma-informed counselling and advocacy;
  • 4-session educational and support group adapted for specific needs of women and girls who are sexually exploited, prostituted and/or sex-trafficked and the locations where group is offered g., Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre or Craigwood Youth Services Woodview Detention Centre;
  • Group sessions include following topics: the impact of being sexually exploited/ prostituted/trafficked including post-traumatic stress; current laws on sexual exploitation, prostitution and sex-trafficking; Prevention – luring and recruiting; Cyberviolence; Woman abuse and its relationship to sex-trafficking (e.g., Romeo Pimps, abusive partners as pimps); interaction between trauma, mental health, and substance abuse; Stigma and Victim blaming; Coping and survival skills;
  • Assistance accessing counselling and needed services;
  • Crisis Counselling and Outreach Support; Assistance with basic needs (e.g., emergency survival kits); Emotional support through accompaniment to meetings/appointments; Assistance with transportation needs; provided through a partnership with the Salvation Army Correctional & Justice Services;
  • Safety plans (including exit strategies) and referrals to housing, income support, substance use and mental health counselling, education, job training and criminal conviction pardons; and,
  • Family support and re-integration.

The Choices Program is provided through a partnership between the London Abused Women’s Centre and the Salvation Army Correctional & Justice Services and is funded by the Department of Justice Canada.

The Choices Program – Resources